got7 aesthetics


feelings and other things associated with got7

Mark: the feeling of returning home after a long day of work; quiet sighs of content after settling into bed; genuine laughter, loud and from the chest, echoing through hallways; the excited checking of messages, anxiously waiting for a reply from a specific person; crinkled eyebrows due to constant thought and confusion; icy cold lemonade on a burning hot afternoon, cooling and relieving; crisp fresh linens on the bed; hushed giggling from under the covers during a sleepover in the dark of the morning; the soreness and tenseness of muscles; reuniting with family after a too long time away; a wallet stuffed with polaroids

Jaebum: the closing of eyes because of laughter so strong; eating something frozen on winter days, something you know you shouldn’t do but you can’t help it; pounding heart beats and throbbing headaches; burning fires in dark cloudless nights, the smoke swirling every where and covering your view, the flames burning your hands; long nights spent finishing work, aggravating but necessary; lip biting; cuts and callouses on hands; tiny hairline fractures on a panel of glass; the crinkling of noses after eating something overtly sour; guilty pleasures; bruised knees after a day out with friends; bubbling cola; claps against friends’ backs; group hugs; satisfaction from finding a new book

Jackson: palms slamming against a friend’s front door, beckoning to go inside; leaning into someone’s ear, whispering secrets; strong grips and hand holding, with the occasionally tugging along; thick red blankets burying you on a dreadfully cold evening; bed hair that some how looks okay on its own; resting your head on someone’s chest to hear delicate thumping against their rib cage; relief from a cool drink after the burn of spicy foods; pranking your best friends, with the violent but loving consequences after; playful teasing and flirting; colorful and tart sorbets; spilled eyeshadows, devastating but somehow mesmerising; driving with the windows down, and hair blowing everywhere; spontaneous flower picking;

Jinyoung: the wrinkles across a persons face after years of smiling; the cool gust of wind across your face before you quickly try to close the windows, sharp and crisp but ending abruptly; the warmth from a person as you hug them for the first time, calm but foreign; open mouthed kisses as you laugh against the other’s lips; deep daydreams and reminiscent memories; the fragile silence in a public library, with the turning of pages cutting it gently; shy glances at the ground after compliments; quick sips of hot drinks, burning your tongue but settling into a warmth deep inside you; waking up from blinding sun rays against your closed eyes, annoying but beautiful; gentle repetitions of waves grazing your ankles; the feeling of coming across something from your childhood; salted tears after watching a touching movie; cuddling, with finger intertwined

head throwing back with laughter; voluminous and beautiful hair; the whirring of heated air, warming your house; frightened jumps during scary films; the pit pattering of paws against wooden floors; creaking of beds; pouting after a sad song; yellow roses, standing out in front of dark green leaves; the echoes of mic sound checks; sweet and creamy whipped cream, on top of bright fresh berries; jumping into another’s arms; arm tugging and teasing; annoying cheek squishes; sloppy and effortless kisses; the clattering of nails against piano keys; finally using a new notebook; the whir of winter wind

bright orange sunsets reflecting off of tinted car windows; names carved on trees; fruit smoothies, dancing with swirls of color; movie night outings complete with salty popcorn and creamy chocolate candies; fingers tracing others; freshly cut grass, aromatic with the smell of earth; winking; catching passengers’ eyes with glances in the rear view mirror; the sound of tearing paper; embarrassed laughing, shy and awkward; clunky jewelry and dangling earrings; the feeling of using new headphones for the first time; excited chirping from birds; the sight of falling fruit; the smell of rosewater

thick sweaters; the first snowfall of the winter; sweet and chewy candies; wet footprints on the sand; the feeling of content after eating a good meal; light streaming through fluttering tree leaves; the sound of running on cement; playing with hair; laughs so hard they become silent;

politely smiling at strangers walking by;  white roses; yellow leaves in the fall; meticulous counting of dance steps; typing on computer keyboards; children swings, creaking in the playground; ripped petals, torn but still so fragile; soft and fluffy pillows; puffs of cologne; freckles; unerasable clothing wrinkles; the heat of hairdryers;